Stratébord has already worked with a number of companies. Discover them and the missions accomplished here:


Need Analysis to determine the dimentional characteristics and performance of a new gantry crane.
Evaluation of the cranes of the terminal : general state, availability, replacement parts, economical shelf life, wear indicators definition.
On several gantry cranes : analysis of the vibrations of a cabin, troubleshooting the problem of spreader parasite skew movement during hoisting motion.
Modification of the access to the driver cab.

Bolloré Africa Logistics

Receiving of 2 container cranes in TEMA’s Harbour
Follow-up of the punch lists on a project of 8 container cranes located in Benin, Ghana, Congo, Ivory Coast.
Follow-up of the punch lists  on a project of 2 container cranes in Togo.
Follow-up of the punch lists  on a project of 4 container cranes in Congo and Benin.
Building of technical trees, technical sheets, spare parts lists, preventive maintenance plans for the container cranes.
Bollore  2


Implementation of a load handling device on the outreach beam of ship to shore container crane - Production the calculation note.

Bolloré Logistique Portuaire

Inspection of 3 cranes: assessment of the condition and commercial value.
bollore logistique portuaire

Poitou Port Consulting

Analysis of the technical part of a project of privatization of a cereal terminal in Rades Harbor (Tunisia).
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Terminal des Flandres

Vibration of the piloting cabin of a gantry crane: search for the reasons and proposal of a solution.


IPER – Le Havre

Training of the harbour’s managers to the OVAR method
IPEr Le Havre

Le Havre - Port

Implementation of the method OVAR
LeHavre Port


As part of the reform of the harbors ordered by Haiti State, split of the APN entity, in charge of the harbor’s operation, into 2 new entities. Re-writing of the missions of the 2 entities, re-organization of the staff, realization of the training plans, and training of the HR teams.

CCI Saint Malo

Support for the acquisition of a mobile harbor crane (Project Management mission).
Acquisition of docking coffer for ships.
Building of the equipment plan of the harbor
CCI St Malo 3


Diagnostic of the utilization and maintenance of Tunisian harbors for the French Agency for Development and the OMMP, in charge of the harbor’s operation.
LOGO OMMP vectoriel