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One way to improve the maintenance is to computerize it.

But the choice of the software is only a step of the project which success also depends on the quality of the data bases elaborated by the users and the way these users incorporate of the new working methods. Stratébord can support you at any stage of the project, to help you chose the right software and/or constitute the data bases. The support and training of the users can also be done by Stratébord.


Image 1: Main functionalities


Image 2: Tree organization


Image 3: preventive maintenance range derived from Computer Assisted Maintenance Management 

Our Clients: 

Bollore  2
Building of technical trees, technical sheets, spare parts lists, preventive maintenance plans for the container cranes.

• Gantry cranes CARGOTEC and ZPMC
• BROMMA Spreaders 
• RTG Konécrane

Creation of the technical trees :
• ZPMC gantry cranes and STINIS Spreaders
Straddle carrier